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Ensuring the “A” in A/V is up to par is of utmost importance, more than ever.

Hassle-free audio is the foundation for effective virtual meetings.

At The Office People, we’ve been educating customers on effective and affordable audiovisual equipment for years. Through our interactions with thousands of customers, one thing is clear—people want to be heard.

Whether meeting virtually or in-person, we have to work so much harder to understand someone when the sound quality is poor or choppy. That extra effort takes up the attention that is needed to devote to understanding and absorbing the message, not just discerning the words.

When partnering with The Office People, customers can immediately see their meetings benefit from using the right technology. Here are a few of those benefits listed below:

Improved Attention: In any virtual meeting, a quality microphone can help enhance a speaker’s pronunciation, tone, and inflection, which enables the meeting participants to better comprehend. According to the MARRS study, when participants receive audible instruction with clear amplification, all commented that the clear and amplified voice helped them pay attention and better understand directions. Poor amplification gives the opposite result.

Increased Participation: If a participant cannot hear or understand correctly, there is often a lack of confidence to participate in any discussion or ask for further explanation. With improved audio and a better grasp of the concept, the assurance brings forth more contributions.

Better Meeting Management: Enhanced audio can cause less stress in the meeting and have fewer issues. With the help of microphone amplification, employees can now speak in their natural voice and know that they are being heard.

As we’ve said before, insuring the “A” in A/V is up to par is of utmost importance for virtual meetings. Click the button below to schedule a virtual appointment with a TOP Product Specialist today and find the right audio solution for your meeting room or virtual meeting space.

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