11 Reasons Why You Should Lease Your Next Copy Machine

Outsource your document management and eliminate the hassle of maintaining or replacing your copy machine. Print expenses can be one of the most overlooked cost for any size business. Without a system in place to help you monitor your print costs it is easy to overlook the true expense of owning a copy machine. Granted, you probably know how much you spend on each toner refill but do you log how often you replace the toner? Does the machine ever need maintenance? Is your copy machine outdated? What is your total monthly print expense? Cost per page? All of these are questions you should know the answers to. You might be surprised how much a managed print solution can help you increase effici

2016 Office Decor Trends

Just because you work in an office doesn't mean that you can't express your personality. As 2016 approaches, we're looking towards the newest design trends that sure to wow your coworkers and allow you to express your peresonality. 1. Bring the Outdoors In In 2015 we saw a lot of plants like leafy palms and cacti take over our office spaces - and 2016 is no different. Our best advice to bring in the outdoors is by getting plants that require minimal care like cacti, air plants, and bamboo. All you need is sun and a little bit of water to keep these plants living! 2. Support Local Artisans Artisans have seen a resergence in popularity thanks to e-commerce sites like Etsy and we're seeking a h

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