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Let's save your organization time & money.

What is MPS? Managed Print Services is a program offered by The Office People that manage all aspects of your business printing devices, including printers, scanners, fax machines, and copiers. The optimization of these devices enables organizations to save money, produce less paper waste, and increase efficiency. MPS also allows your organization to: 


• Control previously untracked expenses

• Reduce printing costs by as much as 30%

• Budget easier with a predictable, fixed cost

• Consolidate hardware and unburden your staff

• Enjoy automated supplies and maintenance

• Make business decisions based on usage facts and data

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Printing-related problems demand about 15 percent of most IT departments time, producing unnecessary expenses and lowering productivity. 

The Assessment Process

Incorporating managed print services into your business operations should not be a question of why, but why haven't I done it before now. Our MPS assessment tools are positioned to gather data from your print devices to help us understand the full scope of your print environment.

It All Begins With A Walk-Through


A walk-through is vital in helping us gain an understanding of your fleet environment which cannot be attained using software assessment tools. A walk-through will provide a detailed visual perspective of where their devices are and whether they are conveniently located to ensure all employees have reasonable access to the equipment required to accomplish their tasks effectively. The mapping tool will allow us to map the devices on your floor plan to help create a visual of your current environment and of course a future environment as well.


Software Assessment Tools


After a physical walk-through, the next step is to use software assessment tools to collect digital data on all networked print devices. Our software will be installed into your system and run behind the scenes, capturing and reporting metrics to give you a better understanding of their entire print infrastructure. You will be able to realize your print volume, usage, and costs over time.

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What You Gain

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Managed print service solutions come in a variety of forms and can be tailored to your business' needs. MPS programs can reduce the workload of your IT department and therefore, increase their efficiency. It can streamline workflow for more productive employees. Finally, MPS programs are a partnership that enhances a business' ability to manage their printing environment more efficiently.

We are proud to serve customers in twenty-three (23) states across the nation with outstanding products, service, and support.

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