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Interactive Displays

Make Collaboration Easier


From the office boardroom to the conference room, a training session to the lecture hall, an interactive display system can magnify your success.

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Interactive Displays
Watch Now

Motivate your audience. Improve your image. 

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Spur on  Collaboration

Promote project engagement with smooth collaboration, screen sharing, easy workflow, and video conferencing.

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Easy to Use,

Easy to Manage

Annotate, draw, markup, scan, print, email, and convert with a simple touch. Move it from room to room, or mount it.

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Unmatched Control

Our displays offer a highly sensitive 4K touchscreen with Capacitive Touch and Palm Cancellation technology.

A Better Way to Make a Big Impression

Motivate your audience. Improve your image. Give your message the impact it deserves. With The Office People on your presentation team, the possibilities are endless...and every moment is right for a magnificent performance. Help visitors find their way. Our interactive displays can also be used for digital wayfinding. 


Multi-purpose Applications

30-Point Multi-Touch Screen for up to 4 Simultaneous Users

4K Ultra-HD TFT Full Array LCD Screen

3-Year Limited Warranty

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Video conferencing is made easy with 8 (eight) different mounting locations

Auto-Sensing HDMI and USB Inputs

Mobile Connect facilitates interactive presentations, lively discussions, and paperless meetings

Share marked-up documents or print hard copies for future reference

Make your office smarter with Windows Collaboration Displays from TOP

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Find Out How an Interactive Display  Could Benefit Your Organization

Let our team of Office Technology Professionals take your organization's communication to the next level.

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