Are Cheap Inkjet Printers Costing Your Company More?

In many instances, new or even existing businesses follow the same path for purchasing printers. They go online or to a big box store and purchase a small desktop printer for each employee. This seems to be the easiest and most cost-effective method at the time. Hey, that small color printer is only $69.99 right? While your employees might be happy... Your accounting department will not be. Why? Well, let’s look at the actual costs of an all-in-one inkjet machine versus a larger, toner-based multi-function printer (referred to in this video as an MFP). For an easy number, let’s say you want to produce 2,000 prints per month, 30% of them being color prints. As stated before, you can purchase

90-Inch Digital Donor Board Welcomes Patients and Visitors

The Office People™ understands how important it is to honor those who have contributed to your success. What better way to acknowledge donors than displaying their names, pictures, and information on a spectacular 90-inch ultra high definition digital display in an entrance or lobby. Recently our creative team worked with the College of Dental Medicine to create a beautiful display that adds value to donor recognition while inviting others to give. Using the latest technology, the digital display is separated into several sections and allows for instant updates, additions, and edits. This impressive state of the art display allows for easy maintenance and 100% uptime. Our construction team w

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