Alexa for Your Business

Imagine waking up in a smart house, heading into a smart office, and never missing a beat. Now you can! Sharp has partnered with Amazon Web Services to make the office smarter. AWS' new Alexa for Business allows employees to use voice commands to print, copy, schedule meeting rooms, begin conference calls, create service calls, and complete many other daily tasks. It's a simple as saying, "Alexa, ask Sharp to make a copy" or "Alexa, ask Sharp to make a service call." As the first and only MFP provider working with Alexa for Business today, Sharp is providing key capabilities to customers by working with the service designed specifically for business. Integrating with Alexa for Business will

The Automated Smart Office

Last week a group from The Office People attended Pulse 2017 (Sharp's National Dealer Meeting) in Phoenix, Arizona. Even though the weather was dry, Sharp's release of new and innovative products was anything but that. Sharp's President and CEO, Doug Albregts, opened the two-day meeting by stating that Sharp and its parent company, Foxconn, are setting the pulse for business technology and solutions around the world. With Foxconn being responsible for making over 50% of the world's technology, Sharp has been given "a ticket to the party and a seat at the table". What we brought home, will not disappoint. A Smart Office Imagine waking up in a smart house and heading into a smart office, never

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