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Don't let working remotely take away from your productivity, turn your home television into a second monitor with the NovoCast. Employees who use a second desktop display increase their productivity by up to 42%. This wireless cross-platform device allows you to cast any of your devices to your display in seconds. It also allows users to wirelessly extend their desktop screen without being tethered by cables. Contact The Office People today to learn more. 843-769-7774 |

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Make yourself heard, no matter where you are with this powerful product. - Easily connect to smartphones or PCs for phone calls via Bluetooth® and USB. - Rely on Best-in-Class Echo Cancellation for intelligible, uninterrupted sound. - Move around the room with specifically developed Gecko 360° technology with innovative Fix & Follow Voice-Tracking. Contact The Office People today to learn more. 843-769-7774 |

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