{4} Things We Learned from the Solar Eclipse

When you work with and service the largest hospitals in the state of South Carolina, you can't shut down for events like the 2017 Solar Eclipse. That's why, for several weeks, we've been planning and promoting a company-wide catered lunch and eclipse viewing party at our headquarters in Charleston, SC. We sent out several engaging emails with all of the details about our events listed in big, bold lettering. • Catered Lunch • Free Solar Glasses for you, your family, and your friends • Prizes and More! And still, we had little response. Like any other large company, getting employees to open, read, and digest internal emails was a challenge, and with good reason. Per person, the average numbe

The Office People™ Receives The Roaring Twenties 2017 Award for Large Companies

The Office People™ has been named one of the 40 fastest-growing companies in South Carolina for 2017 by SC Biz News. Twenty large companies and twenty small companies have been named to the statewide Roaring Twenties list presented annually by SC Biz News. This honor recognizes the state’s best-performing companies based on both dollar and percentage increases in revenue from 2015-2016. In order to qualify for the Roaring Twenties designation, companies must have a physical presence in South Carolina and be a for-profit entity or a nonprofit organization (EXCEPT FOR: government entities and charitable organizations, including 501(c)3 organizations. These types of nonprofits are not eligible)

Why Your IT Department Wishes You Had Someone Else To Deal With Printers

You're feverishly trying to get your latest sales report printed for the management team. You've spent the better part of the last two weeks slaving over this all-important document, and now all you need is the printer to work. But alas, the stars are not aligned, and no matter how many times you turn your printer off and back on, paper just won't come out of it with your brilliant sales analysis. Time to contact IT, which you know is going to lead to a million questions such as: What's the error message on the printer? Are you using the correct print driver? (what's a print driver anyway?!) What program are you printing from? When did you last print that it worked? (I don't remember what

{5} Advantages of Digital Signage and Where to Find It

Digital signage can be found wherever consumers are. There are numerous reasons why this medium has become a popular alternative to traditional signage. According to Sharp Senior Sales Engineer Saundra Merollo, the following are just five advantages of digital signage over traditional signage: 1. Digital signage can be designed and created in much less time. Creating digital signage is made easy through templates provided by a variety of software apps. Therefore, you don’t need to be a graphic artist to create signage anymore. Most content management systems allow you to drag and drop existing information that makes designing fast and easy. 2. Digital signage can be edited and updated to tar

{6} Things to Know Before Buying Your Next Office Copier

Choosing your office copier can be very overwhelming. Here are {6} key things to know before making your next big purchase. 1. COLOR INCREASES READERS’ ATTENTION SPANS AND RECALL BY 82% The Sharp Color Advanced and Color Essentials Series MFPs utilize an innovative Color Consistency System that delivers high-quality color output and helps maintain optimum image balance and density page-after-page. *1 2. MORE THAN 35% OF MOBILE PHONE AND TABLET USERS WOULD LIKE TO PRINT FROM THEIR DEVICES BUT EITHER CAN’T OR DON’T KNOW HOW Whether it is an email message, a PowerPoint slide or even a boarding pass, mobile users want to print. The Sharp Color Advanced and Color Essentials Series MFPs make it ea

How Managed Print can Help the Legal Industry

{4} Ways Managed Print and The Office People™ can Help the Legal Industry Object to Unmanaged Print When asked which type of case she would prefer, Lawyer Elle Woods from Legally Blonde replied, “I’d pick the dangerous case, because I’m not afraid of a challenge.” This quote seems to summarize the attitudes of many lawyers. They are always looking for a challenge, and are constantly trying to find ways to push and excel at what they do. While this ambition is admirable, MPS, or Managed Print Services can help lift the burdens of what can be an overwhelmingly paper-intensive business, and free up time so those in the legal industry can focus on what they do best. Overrule Typical Costs If y

Solar Shades: Block the Sun, Not the View

Recently, we installed Solar Shades on two iconic South Carolina Landmarks where you definitely don't want to block the views. In Columbia, we installed Solar Shades at Williams Brice Stadium home of the South Carolina Gamecocks. Solar Shades were put in to allow spectators the ability to enjoy afternoon games when the sun is high in the sky. In Charleston, we installed Solar Shades in faculty offices, including former Mayor and Executive in Residence, Joseph Riley, Jr. Downtown Charleston, South Carolina has been rated the 'Best City in the World' and has the views to prove it. What exactly are Solar Shades? Solar Window Shades Provide Glare Control and Light Management Solar Screen Shades

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