Be Reliable with TOP Display Bundles

Information and health protocols are changing rapidly, so ensuring your business can communicate quickly and safely is crucial. Our TOP Display Bundles can be used to accurately convey health protocols, changing hours, pickup instructions, or any other pertinent information to your staff and customers. Our remote concierge station offers your organization the ability to staff key locations without having an employee on site. This solution provides the personal touch of a life-size, live interaction without risking employee exposure. As we return to our new normal, the remote concierge station is an effective solution to protect front desk employees as they interact with the public. The brill

The Office People's Guide for Cleaning Your Smart Office and Retail Equipment

To help control the spread of illness The Office People has developed the following recommendations to help businesses properly clean and disinfect the surfaces of shared devices, including MFPs, printers, monitors, touchscreens, laptops, electronic cash registers, and electronic point of sale terminals. As the unprecedented threat of the Coronavirus continues to emerge throughout the world, The Office People is taking steps to provide customers with the information they need to properly clean the surfaces of smart offices, retail, and display equipment and help control the spread of illness. Recommendation for cleaning the exterior touch surfaces: 1: It is recommended to use a diluted alcoh

The Effects of Prolonged Sitting

Working in an office typically involves spending a great deal of time sitting in an office chair - a position that adds stress to the struct

Protect Your Customers and Staff with Safety Barriers

The TOP Safety Barrier protect your employees and customers from COVID-19 and other virus exposures by providing a barrier for those who work with the public or near others. Our safety barriers provide durable, clear protection for frontline employees. Let The Office People™ help you develop a plan for your reception areas, check-in counters, and pick-up lines. All our signage is custom built to meet your needs. Call, text, email, or schedule a virtual appointment with us today to learn more about sneeze guards, digital signage, or temperature-checking tablets. Download our TOP Safety Barrier Spec Sheet

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