Three Automated Features to Speed Up Every Office

Whether you are scanning or copying, documents play a critical role in business. That doesn’t make them worthy of your time. Leave the paper-chasing to your copier by setting up easy buttons for your automated features. 1. Card Shot The Card Shot feature is an incredibly efficient tool for making copies for identification purposes. It's used in many different verticals including real estate, healthcare, automotive sales, hospitality, and many other industries. Not only does this feature save time, but it saves paper and prevents waste. This function copies or sends the front and reverse sides of a card on one sheet, not on separate sheets. 2. Multi-Crop Scan Expense reports, receipt billing,

Steering Clear of Toner Pirates and Office Supply Scammers

Local, state, and federal agencies have been aware of "Toner Pirates" for decades. The deceiving criminals target small to mid-sized business, charities, churches and other local organizations. Their ploy wages on the hope that your employees are unaware and untrained on how to stay on guard against these thieves. The scammers goal is to get specific equipment information out of the unsuspecting receptionist, gatekeeper, or office manager, usually by offering "free" supplies. Once the scammer has received the information they need, the supposedly “free” supplies (usually cheap supplies) will arrive at the organization, followed by an outrageous invoice for said supplies. Sometimes an organiz

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