How Millennials are Changing the Workplace

We hear a lot about what Millennials want and how they are different from Gen-Xers and (especially) baby boomers. While we need to be careful to not stereotype any person, we can definitely say that, as of late, the rules have changed. Here are 5 things that have changed in the workplace. 1. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Can you imagine in 1982 being asked to bring in your own phone and typewriter? Ridiculous. But now? Lots of companies ask employees to bring their own phones and sometimes their own laptops. While there are some legal pitfalls involved in a BYOD policy, lots of people love them. If we're expected to be on call 24/7, do we really want to carry two phones in our purses and pock

Office Design Trends for 2016

Office design trends evolve much in the same way as domestic interiors, albeit with different influences and drivers. Designs are primarily directed by business usage patterns, customer interactions and organisational purpose. Culture is also a key driver in office design, and increasingly at Peldon Rose, we are seeing requests for office spaces that reflect a more holistic way of working. Many designs now include flexible desking, bicycle racks, ‘green’ interior spaces and other elements targeted at creating the right atmosphere for productive, creative work. Here are our top six hot office design trends to watch out for this year: Kitchens are about to become larger Once a tiny space conta

Rising Popularity for Digital Signage

By Stuart Armstrong, Group President, ComQi Anyone in the emerging technology business can relate to annual predictions that the next year was going to be the one in which their industry took off. People in the digital signage industry have stopped doing that — because the business did, after many years, finally take off. So what happened? Why did the business of creating and delivering digital display solutions in retail and other environments finally get traction with buyers, both small and very big? Reason No. 1 - Lower deployment cost: One major reason is that costs came down, on virtually all elements of the technology mix. Large flat panel displays cost a fraction of what they used to.

The Future of Digital Signage: 3D Glasses

The next big thing in digital signage might be a glasses-free 3-D screen, which was demonstrated to CRNtv at CES by digital signage service provider Inception Visual. Inception Visual’s solution, Ultra D, is a glasses-free 3-D format for screens. “It’s all of the things you love about 3-D but you don’t need to wear the glasses,” said Inception Visual CTO Craig Mattson. The technology, which is stunning in person, has the capability to elevate retail and information technology verticals. “We think in digital signage that it’s going to be a big year for glasses-free 3-D because it really makes people say, ‘Wow, what is that?’ And if you’re a retailer it really allows you to get your message ac

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