How Cloud Solutions can Simplify Your Business

We get a chuckle out of technological nostalgia until we realize the negatives of our progress: Now that storage space is virtually endless, document management can be overwhelming. However, the benefits of optimal document management outweigh the necessary effort needed. In fact, according to International Data Corp (IDC), optimizing an organization’s document management can lead to a 30 percent reduction in costs and result in an 86 percent overall increase in revenue*. Although technology has evolved over the years, one thing has stayed the same: the business philosophy that “time is money.” In today’s mobile economic climate, organizations are consumed with the goal of becoming more effi

Accelerate Emergency Responses with Digital Signage

When emergencies happen, colleges and universities have a responsibility to inform their populations quickly and efficiently. This is often a difficult task, as communications must reach all students, faculty and staff, regardless of their locations around campus. As a solution, many educational institutions are turning to digital signage to improve communication of campus issues and emergencies in a quick and efficient manner. When time is of the essence, having the right emergency communication system is critical. Here’s how to select the ideal system for your institution and how to use it to its fullest: The Right System Should Be Convenient Many digital signage systems use proprietary cl

5 Ways to Monetize Digital Signage

Digital signage. It's fun, engaging, and the 'new' tech item to have for any business but there's more to digital signage than just it's looks. We've broken down 5 ways to monetize digital signage for any business and still leave your customers engaged. 1. Aim to Mesmerize, Not Monetize Digital signage isn't just for quick deals like "50% off" or "For a Limited Time Only" or quick reminders to "bring an umbrella, it's raining outside!". Ideally, in the current marketing climate of increasing customer engagement and creating a brand identity and relationship with your customers, it's more important and tactiful to use your digital signage as video technology to create a remarkable impression.

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