Sharp Introduces New High-Speed Copier with Fiery

New high-speed color MFPs offer advanced workflow features and deliver powerful performance Sharp is pleased to announce the newest additions to its award-winning MFP lineup. The MX-6580N/ MX-7580N color document systems are designed to handle the rigors of high volume environments where productivity and reliability are critical and ease of use is essential. The MX-6580N/MX-7580N utilize the same interface and controller architecture as Sharp’s color Advanced Series. The MX-6580N/MX-7580N offer Sharp’s Cloud Connect feature, which enables access to popular cloud services such as Microsoft® OneDrive® for Business, Google Drive, and Microsoft SharePoint® Online without additional middleware. A

MPS Makes Perfect Sense

Let’s take a look at two businesses. One is on an MPS (Managed Print Service) plan and the other is not. The company without MPS purchases cheap re-manufactured* toner cartridges to save money. Let’s say this toner costs $100, yields 2,500 pages, and the toner on each black and white print covers five percent (5%) of the page; they pay four (4) cents per page. A black and white print with twenty percent (20%) toner coverage costs them sixteen (16) cents! Any maintenance or service required is an additional cost. Meanwhile, the company on the MPS plan doesn’t worry about yields or toner coverage, instead, they pay a flat rate of two (2) cents** per black and white page with maintenance and re

Ransomware: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

As many have heard, seen or read, a major cyberattack has affected more than 200,000 victims in more than 150 countries over the last several days. The WannaCry ransomware targeted Microsoft Windows computers, mostly at businesses and government organizations, and affected everything from hospitals in the U.K. to FedEx in the U.S. to gas-station cards in China. There are ways to stay safe from these types of attacks: KEEP YOUR SOFTWARE UPDATED If your computer runs Windows, make sure your operating system is updated. In March, Microsoft released a patch for the vulnerability that the ransomware worm targeted, so if you haven't updated since then you may be at risk. BACK UP YOUR DATA If you h

{3} Signs That It's Time For A New Copier

Here are {3} signs that it is time for a new copier for your business: #1 Your Team Has Grown or Your Workload Has Increased Your copier may have been perfect for your business when you purchased it, but things change. Are there more people using your copier? Has the average monthly number of prints and copies changed? It may be time to re-evaluate your device to make sure it still meets your needs. #2 You’re Needing More Frequent Repairs Our highly-trained service team is the best there is, but high-page-count copiers, similar to high-mileage cars, become less reliable, and eventually will need to be replaced. Have you noticed an increase in service calls? Your copier has been a great asse

The Office People’s Sean Mummert Adds Joy to Customers’ Experience

One of the challenges, and perhaps opportunities, presented in the quest to provide quality customer service is the notion that no one loves buying a copier. And Sean Mummert is out to change that by expanding the customer experience. The founder and president of The Office People (TOP) has twin passions when it comes to his business. Mummert loves watching his employees grow and thrive alongside the company, and he’s out to make sure his customers reap TOP’s solutions way beyond both the copier and conventional thinking boxes. These attributes helped earn Mummert a 2017 ENX Magazine Difference Maker award. “We are always trying to improve our business plan and invest in our staff and techno

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