4 Reasons Why Co-Working is the Future of Offices

The most mind-blowing conversation I’ve ever experienced didn’t occur in a boardroom or corporate office. In fact, it happened at a coworking lunch where I got to talk about the Affordable Care Act with a lawyer, digital marketer, software developer, executive recruiter, and private equity investor. Hearing the perspectives from individuals of all different industries was refreshing; I can’t recall participating in a similar experience during my seven years in the corporate world. Coworking offices are the canary in the coal mine for commercial office space. As a real estate investor and founder of Level Office, a shared space that rents offices to small businesses, I see coworking spaces as

Emerging Trend for 2016: Workplace Wellness

Mini swimming pools, free gourmet meals and massive libraries – the images showing life inside Google offices around the world do incite some serious envy. Accordingly, companies today have now incorporated cool and creative approaches – think gyms, open layout, indoor waterfalls – to their workplace design to promote corporate wellness and set the right work mood. According to Summertown Interiors, a fit-out contractor in the UAE that specialises in green interiors, sustainability and employee engagement will be a big trend for 2016. With the UAE as one of the signatories of the Paris Climate Agreement and Dubai’s commitment to the Clean Energy Strategy 2050, Summertown says environmental p

Why Digital Signage is Perfect for Millennials

The Millennial generation, 18-34 year-olds, are digital natives who are attracting the attention of advertisers, brand and political candidates with their buying power and youthful approach. Here are six reasons digital signage is the perfect way for brands to connect with the Millennial generation: 1. Digital signage ties in with mobile. Research has shown that messages that show up on billboards or other out-of-home advertising help prime mobile interactions more than television or magazines. Combined with mobile or wearable technology, digital signage can deepen relationships. 2. Digital signage emphasizes the experience. The drive behind things like Snapchat is the sharing of moments — n

Google Cloud Print for New MFP Models

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America recently announced the scheduled release of special firmware support for Google Cloud Print Web Printing Service for the latest Sharp MFP models. Google Cloud Print helps make your workflow easier by connecting your printers to Google Cloud and making printing available to print from your phone, tablet, Chromebook, and PCs. Revolutionize your business and workflow by taking printing to a whole new level. By being able to print via a moble or tablet device, organizations can increasive productivity by extending the work environment beyond the office. Sharp's commitment to enhance and simplfy mobile print productivity gives your organization the

How to Save Using Document Management Software

In today’s economic environment, cost containment is key. A recent study found that 62% of responding Accounts Payable (AP) departments use a minimal amount of automated invoice data capture, meaning they manually enter invoices. In addition, 54% of respondents still use a manual process to capture data and facilitate the approval process. These results are especially surprising when you consider that 95% of the AP departments surveyed are still receiving invoices on paper. Automating the processing of all these paper invoices would go a long way to helping organisations take significant costs out of their Accounts Payable (AP) departments. The survey identified paper as the most expensive w

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