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Finding the Best Copier Dealer Near Me

Let's be honest. Just saying the word copier can bring up a wealth of emotions. If you have reliable and intuitive equipment and your service is incredible, those emotions are probably good ones. If you've experienced the opposite, your copiers are probably a source of contention throughout the entire office.

That being said, have you ever noticed how quickly the atmosphere changes in an office when the copier isn't working and your service provider cannot come out until the next day? The equipment that is supposed to make the office more productive has become the most distractive.

Understanding the large role that copiers play in your organization makes the job of choosing the right service partner and purchasing the best equipment an unnerving task. There are many factors that are often overlooked when choosing the best copier dealer in your area. That's why we've compiled a list of questions, features, purchasing options, and service types to help you through the process.

Most times this purchasing process begins with an internet search. Depending on where you live, you may find a lot of options. To narrow your choices, you first need to figure out why you’re looking for new service or equipment.

Has your company experienced growth that makes your need for additional equipment necessary? Are you looking for new features that your old device doesn’t provide? Has your current device seen better days? Is your service unreliable? Are you tired of calling 800 numbers and waiting for toner deliveries to complete your print jobs? Whatever the reason, knowing what you need is key to finding the best copier dealer.

Technology Options and Award-Winning Equipment

Office Technology changes fast and major products are released every six months. That's why it's important to understand that not all copiers and printers are created equally and it's important to invest in technology that is able to grow and integrate with other technology.

We suggest choosing equipment with an open architecture platform and the ability to integrate with other devices including voice-activated technology and interactive displays. We've partnered with Sharp, the most innovative office technology manufacturer. Through Sharp's Open System Architecture and Application Portal, copiers become more connected throughout their lifespan rather than becoming obsolete like their competitors' machines.

This year, Sharp has earned the Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab (BLI) 2019 Copier MFP Line of the Year. This award is presented annually by BLI, the world’s leading authority on document imaging devices and software solutions. This highly sought-after Line of the Year recognition is awarded to the multifunction printer (MFP) manufacturer whose product line is deemed best overall based on its rigorous two-month laboratory evaluations. Among the many factors considered are: Reliability, Image quality, Productivity, Ease of use, Connectivity, and Overall value.

Award-Winning Local Authorized Copier Dealers

All across the United States, there are local authorized copier dealers for the manufacturers of copiers. This provides the manufacturer with a channel to sell product without the costs of having a sales force of their own. Authorized dealers build their businesses on providing products and service to local businesses.

Many business owners and IT staff wonder what the difference is between buying or leasing from a manufacturer versus a local authorized copier dealer. While many believe buying from the manufacturer will give the best price, that simply isn’t true. Manufacturers are large, multinational organizations with a hierarchy of layers, and each one needs to receive their “part” from copier purchases. A local authorized dealer runs a leaner organization with fewer levels to deal with, allowing for a better price.

The Office People is an extremely decorated, Award-Winning and Minority-Owned Local Business. Our factory-trained technicians are experts. In fact, we’re a Sharp AAA Platinum Service Provider. Sharp's Platinum Level Service Program recognizes service organizations for exceeding performance benchmarks and implementing excellent industry best practices.

Unmatched Service and AAA Platinum Support

No matter what make or model of device you ultimately purchase, all devices need preventive maintenance and service. Due to this, you’ll need to make sure you have a maintenance contract in place to deal with these issues. If you don’t purchase a maintenance contract, you will have to pay higher hourly charges when device service is needed. With a maintenance contract, you’ll have a fixed monthly expense for all of your maintenance.

With an average technician tenure of just over 10 years, a slew of service awards and our First Call Effectiveness pledge, it’s easy to see why The Office People proudly claims the most committed service team in the Southeast.

What Makes A Dealer AAA Platinum Certified

Sharp's Platinum Level Service Program recognizes service organizations for exceeding performance benchmarks and implementing excellent industry best practices. The program recognizes organizations that show excellence in the following five critical areas of service delivery:

Only Using Genuine OEM Parts and Supplies

In order to deliver consistent performance and quality, dealers must only use genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and supplies.In our local facilities, we store over 1.2 million in parts, consumables, toners, and inventory. Additionally, We offer spare printers, emergency loaners, and MFDs from our local warehouse.

All Technicians Must Be Factory Trained

Dealers must meet and exceed all Department of Home Land Security, HIPAA and Department of Defense Guidelines. ALL technicians must be Sharp® factory trained professionals and have received Darkness and Lightness training.

First Call Effectiveness Pledge

Customers must always get a live representative when calling for service during our regular business hours. Customer calls must always be answered by a knowledgeable and consistent customer service team.

Using Remote Diagnostic Technology

Dealers must use diagnostic and assessment software to collect digital data on all networked print devices to give customers a better understanding of their entire print infrastructure. Allowing customers to realize their print volume, usage, and costs over time.​

Committed to Education through Networking Certifications

Dealers must be committed to educating their technicians. That means employing technicians who hold or are pursuing formal networking certifications in Net+, Security+, MCT, MCP, MCSA or MCSE.


When searching for a copier dealer, it is important to be armed with some important questions. Below are just a few that may help you navigate the waters:

  • How do I view my billing and other information? Do I have to contact my sales rep?

  • How transparent is your organization? Are you able to tell me how many tickets have been assigned to my machines, how long it took for a field engineer to arrive, how long the repair took, and what parts were used to repair the device?

  • How often do you fix copiers on the first visit?

  • Do you have local references that I can contact?

  • If this is a used machine, could I contact the previous owner? Was this machine purchased from an Asset Recovery Service?

  • What kind of service response times do you have in place?

  • Who will service my devices when an issue arises?

  • What service location is nearest to my business?

  • What other business technology services do you offer?

  • What does the maintenance contract cover, and for how long?

  • What is the cost per page or CPP?

  • Are there any limits to the amount of copies I can make?

  • How will my meter readings be collected, and at what intervals?

  • How long does it take for the company to respond to service calls?

  • What methods are there to contact service?

  • Are you willing to share service metrics on the quality of your service to current customers?

  • What does your inventory of parts and equipment look like?

  • How many service technicians are located in my area?

  • Do you offer Free Product Training?

  • Do you offer Free Supply Delivery?

  • Do your copiers run on a Open architecture platform?

  • Do your machines integrate with other technology such as interactive displays and voice-activated technology?

  • Do you only use Genuine OEM Parts and Supplies?

  • Do you offer a First Call Effectiveness Pledge?

  • Do you offer desktop hand-delivery of supplies at 50% level? or do I have to store toner replacements at my facility?

  • Am I paying for services or products I'm not using?

  • Does your equipment have a cloud-based application portal that integrates with Box and Dropbox?

  • Does your equipment have Easy Access to Microsoft Exchange, Share Point, OneDrive, Google Drive, Office 365, and Azure?

  • Are your copiers ENERGY STAR® qualified, RoHS compliant, and EPEAT® Registered?

  • Do you offer a year-round Toner Recycling Program for all customers using Sharp devices?

  • Does your recycling program include consumables, including cartridges, bottles, toner collection containers and drum units?

  • Does your organization meet all and exceed Department of Home Land Security, HIPAA and Department of Defense Guidelines?

  • How many full-time technicians do you employ? What's the average tenure of your field engineers?

  • Do you have a customer-based website that houses detailed training videos—available 24/7?

  • Are you able to manage all aspects of our printing devices including printers, scanners, fax machines, and copiers?

  • What are your solutions for digital faxing?

  • Do you offer a free print analysis?

  • Is your business local? How many parts do you keep in stock?

  • Do you offer spare printers, emergency loaners, and MFDs from your local warehouse?

  • Are you on state contract? Are you minority-owned?

  • Are you local? Do I call a local phone number to reach you?

  • Do you offer leasing and/or buying options?

  • What leasing companies do you work with?

Finding the best copier dealer near you can feel like a huge project. With the proper research, your business can find exactly what they are looking for at the right price point.

Contact The Office People™ today at 843.769.7774 to schedule a free print analysis.

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