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The Office People's TOP Five Technology Trends in 2019

1. Alexa Integration with Sharp MFPs

Alexa for Business is a new service that enables businesses and organizations to bring Amazon Alexa into the workplace to help all types of workers be more productive and organized on both personal and shared Amazon Echo devices. Integrating with Alexa for Business will allow TOP customers to interact through simple, verbal commands with their Sharp Digital MFPs and the rest of the Sharp B2B portfolio, including AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems. This will improve overall usability while minimizing the necessity for product-specific training. Imagine printing what you need, using only your voice. That's what we like to call "Touchless Technology". To see Alexa in action in an office setting, check out our youtube video!

2. Slim Desktop Displays

To start off 2019 in style, Sharp announced three new space-saving desktop monitors for the modern, compact workplace. Imagine the amount of desk space you'll take back with Sharp's slim desktop monitors. These displays boast an incredibly small six-millimeter wide frame (that's equivalent to the width of a new cell phone). With a two-millimeter bezel width, these new desktop displays are much slimmer than typical office wide-format monitors and are designed to free up employee desk space to enhance productivity. To see our slim desktop displays in use, check out our video on youtube!

3. Sharp 86 Inch 4K Ultra HD Displays

Engage, inform, and entertain your audience with a Sharp commercial LCD display. Along with 4K Ultra HD resolution, it boasts a built-in USB media player. So, even without a connected PC, you can display photos and videos with amazing realism. Whether you set it up in a retail, hospitality, or business setting, this monitor is built to make an impact. The display can also play photo slideshows and videos—all without a PC or set-top box. Since you don’t need a large playback source, installation is easy and space-efficient. For your convenience, photos or videos can be played automatically.To learn the difference between commercial displays and tv's, check out our YouTube video!

4. Video Conferencing

Spending too much time and money on travel expenses for a company meeting? Cut down on these costs by incorporating video conferencing into your meeting room. Schedule meetings, webinars, conferencing, client demos, and collaboration and brainstorming sessions with ease. No matter where your client is, you can always be one click away with video conferencing.

5. Digital Whiteout

In 2019, try something different. Instead of using sticky Whiteout that spills, messes up your copier screen, and never dries quick enough, consider using "Digital Whiteout". A standard feature of the Sharp advanced and essential series, digital whiteout allows you to scan a document and select what items need to be deleted, or whited out. It's easy, painless, and leaves no mess! To see how this feature works, check out our Digital Whiteout video on youtube!

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