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The Automated Smart Office

Last week a group from The Office People attended Pulse 2017 (Sharp's National Dealer Meeting) in Phoenix, Arizona. Even though the weather was dry, Sharp's release of new and innovative products was anything but that.

Sharp's President and CEO, Doug Albregts, opened the two-day meeting by stating that Sharp and its parent company, Foxconn, are setting the pulse for business technology and solutions around the world. With Foxconn being responsible for making over 50% of the world's technology, Sharp has been given "a ticket to the party and a seat at the table".

What we brought home, will not disappoint.

A Smart Office

Imagine waking up in a smart house and heading into a smart office, never missing a beat. Sharp has now partnered with Amazon Web Services to make the office smarter. A smart office would allow you to use voice commands to print, copy, schedule meeting rooms, begin conference calls, create service calls, and complete many other daily tasks. It's a simple as saying, "Alexa, ask Sharp to make a copy." Click here to read our post about Alexa for Business.

15 New MFPs

Sharp also launched 15 new MFPs including the MX-B355W and MX-B455W Advanced Series A4 Desktop Monochrome Document Systems. These copiers offer a compact design with advanced workflow features to enhance document workflow in virtually any size office. The MX-B355W and MX-B455W Advanced Series desktop monochrome document systems deliver crisp, high-quality output with exceptional ease of use. These new models provide customers with an intuitive user experience and the confidence of knowing their jobs will come out right the first time, every time. Designed with high-performance features typically found on larger machines, the compact MX-B355W and MX-B455W deliver the productivity you need with the performance and reliability you want. Click here to learn more about our Document Imaging Systems.


Sharp is leading the way for 8K displays and cameras. Despite its' name, 8K is sixteen times stronger than the traditional HD display or camera. That means more detail and less quality loss in post-production.

During the expo, Sharp released an 8K camera called, the 8C-B60A. What makes Sharp's camera unique is that it's the only device in the world capable of use both as a broadcast camera with uncompressed output and as a camcorder with onboard storage. Sharp seems most interested in sports broadcasting and even things like medicine, where remote medical consultations could use all that extra resolution to allow zooming and cropping on the receiver end. The idea of broadcasting 8K pictures to allow a user on a smartphone to pinch and zoom around a sports field is an interesting one, too.

Pictures on the new 70-inch TFT-LCD 8K display look fairly conventional at standard viewing distances, where the screen fills the normal proportion of a human visual field. Moving in reveals, as we might expect, a lot of very fine detail; you can sit very, very close to this display without noticing a loss of sharpness.

As if that wasn't enough, Sharp displayed a giant 4x4, 8k video wall that stood over 15 feet tall. The size and detailed images were extremely impressive. Click here to learn about our Digital Signage and Video Walls.

Water From Thin Air

Perfect for offices, the Skywell 5 generates up to five gallons of clean drinking water per day — hot or cold. The Skywell App and interactive touchscreen engages users and offers water consumption data and environmental facts. Mimicking the Water Cycle, the Skywell 5: The Skywell uses a series of high-quality cleaning and filtering processes, each with a very specific function, in order to produce fresh, clean drinking water from the air. Click here to learn more about The Skywell.

Autonomous Security

Sharp gave us a detailed demonstration of the Sharp Intellos™A-UGV, an autonomous robot that gives companies the ability to enhance and extend their outdoor surveillance, security, and safety and maintenance inspections. By integrating with your other technologies, it augments a skilled guard force to provide comprehensive awareness – and help your organization meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing, highly demanding security landscape.

The Sharp INTELLOS™ A-UGV can be an important addition to industry sites and facilities, including distribution and storage, manufacturing, power and utilities, pharmaceuticals, data centers, petrochemicals and mining, airports, rail yards, and government facilities. Click here to learn more about the Sharp Intellos.

If your company would like to stay ahead of the curve, call The Office People today at 843.769.7774.

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