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How Managed Print can Help the Legal Industry

{4} Ways Managed Print and The Office People™ can Help the Legal Industry

Object to Unmanaged Print

When asked which type of case she would prefer, Lawyer Elle Woods from Legally Blonde replied, “I’d pick the dangerous case, because I’m not afraid of a challenge.” This quote seems to summarize the attitudes of many lawyers. They are always looking for a challenge, and are constantly trying to find ways to push and excel at what they do. While this ambition is admirable, MPS, or Managed Print Services can help lift the burdens of what can be an overwhelmingly paper-intensive business, and free up time so those in the legal industry can focus on what they do best.

Overrule Typical Costs

If you’re in the legal industry, you understand how important of a role printing plays in the success of your firm. Law firms are document intensive, and printing is needed for litigations, deeds, depositions, trusts, wills, and contracts. With all this printing, costs can be high. In fact, studies have shown that the legal industry spends 7% more of annual income on printing costs in comparison to any other industry (on average, 13.7% of annual revenues). With printing being such a necessity, finding ways to lower print costs, increase quality, and maximize efficiency is very important. Managed Print Services can help you do just that.

With so many things going on, businesses in the legal industry often don’t realize how much unnecessary expense their printer fleets are accumulating. Whether it is the cost of old printers, excess use of toner, or excess time spent arranging for repairs, these things add up and contribute unnecessary expense to a company. Studies have shown that for every one dollar spent putting images on paper, it involves more than nine dollars to control. This cost can be reduced tremendously with Managed Print Services, and will ensure that printer fleets in the legal industry are providing the best printing at the lowest cost.

Legal firms may also benefit substantially from implementing a good print control software, such as PaperCut, to control printing by applying print policies. This can help minimize waste, maximize productivity, and even improve security. A solution like PaperCut may be a part of your Managed Print Services strategy, depending on your needs.

Make Sure Your Assets Stay Your Assets

Often times, Law Firms will have a variety of printers, scanners, and copiers from multiple vendors. This makes it hard to keep track of how much printing is occurring and makes recording billable printing a challenge. In the legal industry 85% of printing is client related and should be billed back, but because printing can be left to multiple departments it can be hard to quantify and keep track of how much printing is actually taking place. Chances are that those in the legal industry are spending a lot more time and money than is necessary on their printing needs, all while missing billable print revenues. By assessing the printing needs of the company, Managed Print Services can soothe these headaches by helping to organize and keep track of printing, all while providing auto replacement of printer cartridges and routinely included maintenance.

There are many pressures in the legal industry. Pressures to meet court dates, pressures to satisfy clients, and pressures to grow the business. Many law firms also feel pressure to meet sustainability goals, improve security, and comply with regulatory requirements. With documents at the heart of the legal industry, Managed Print Services can help ease many of these stresses. MPS will ensure that those in the legal industry comply with all necessary regulations, meet sustainability goals, and improve security. All without having to sacrifice productivity.

You Do Your Due Diligence, We'll Do Ours

Legal organizations spend 13.7% of annual revenues on print related expenses. If your organization is looking to reduce this number, Managed Print Services is the way to go. By managing everything from the purchasing of printers right down to consumable products, our MPS programs can free up many important I.T. hours. You can rest assured that everything regarding your Managed Print Services will be handled in the most efficient and productive way possible, with complete transparency. Not only can The Office People™ provide Managed Print Services, but will do so with unbeatable customer service, making those in the legal industry confident with their print services, so they can be confident in the court.

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