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11 Reasons Why You Should Lease Your Next Copy Machine

Outsource your document management and eliminate the hassle of maintaining or replacing your copy machine.

Print expenses can be one of the most overlooked cost for any size business. Without a system in place to help you monitor your print costs it is easy to overlook the true expense of owning a copy machine. Granted, you probably know how much you spend on each toner refill but do you log how often you replace the toner? Does the machine ever need maintenance? Is your copy machine outdated? What is your total monthly print expense? Cost per page?

All of these are questions you should know the answers to. You might be surprised how much a managed print solution can help you increase efficiency and reduce waste. That being said, here are the top 11 reasons for leasing instead of buying your copy machine.

1. Lock In Expenses: Leasing a copy machine locks in a flat monthly expense and makes it much easier to manage your print budget. Not only that but locking in the price means you don’t have to worry about fluctuations in toner or maintenance expenses.

2. Tax Savings: Deduct your print expenses more easily. Having a set monthly expense makes it easier when it comes to tax time as you can write it off as a monthly operating expense. Additionally it can help you avoid the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) by reducing your AMT tax liability.

3. Flexibility: Structure your lease to fit your monthly operating budget.

4. All Inclusive Pricing: Account for shipping, software installation, maintenance and more within your lease pricing. This eliminates surprise expenses that can arise when you purchase your copier outright.

5. Technology Updates: Copy machine technology is constantly improving. By leasing your machine you can easily upgrade your equipment without the large upfront cost of purchasing a new machine every few years.

6. Capital Management: Leasing allows you to keep more of your operating capital freed up for matters more important to the operation of your business. Don’t tie up all of your business capital on expensive equipment when it could be better used on advertising, inventory or personnel.

7. Longer Terms: Most banks will only finance a copy machine for 12-36 months. Leasing allows you to extend the term up to 72 months

8. Purchase or Renewal Options: At the end of your lease you have the option to buy the machine, upgrade the equipment or renew your contract at a substantial savings. Leasing your copy machine provides considerable flexibility at the end of your term.

9. Insurance: Insurance cost can be included with your lease contract, eliminating the need for you to go and place coverage individually or increase your current policy limits. It also eliminates gaps across different policies that might leave you with no coverage for flood or other catastrophic events.

10. Service: Your lease agreement can be structured to include your copy machine maintenance. Once again there is considerable flexibility here as you can break your maintenance cost down over the term of your lease or on a per copy basis. Once again providing flexibility and pricing consistency as opposed to buying a machine outright.

11. Return on Investment (ROI): Fully understanding your copy expenses can considerably affect your bottom line. Breaking down those expenses on a cost per copy (cost per print) basis will allow you to manage your expenses and control your overall print expenses.

As you can see there are a number of reasons why leasing your next copy machine instead of buying it can be beneficial to your business. There are many other reasons why it makes sense to lease your copy equipment.

The best way to find out how a copier lease can benefit your company is to schedule a consultation with a reputable company like Laser Rite. We can custom tailor a program to fit your specific business and review all of the potential savings so you can make an informed decision before buying your next machine.

(c/o: LaserRite)

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