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{5} Advantages of Digital Signage and Where to Find It

Digital signage can be found wherever consumers are. There are numerous reasons why this medium has become a popular alternative to traditional signage. According to Sharp Senior Sales Engineer Saundra Merollo, the following are just five advantages of digital signage over traditional signage:

1. Digital signage can be designed and created in much less time.

Creating digital signage is made easy through templates provided by a variety of software apps. Therefore, you don’t need to be a graphic artist to create signage anymore. Most content management systems allow you to drag and drop existing information that makes designing fast and easy.

2. Digital signage can be edited and updated to target the viewer.

Restaurant owners and managers, for example, love digital signage because of their need to frequently update menus. Any changes can be easily done on a laptop computer, tablet or smartphone, and uploaded instantly through a digital signage solution to the display.

3. Digital signage is more ecofriendly.

Simply put, digital signage decreases your environmental footprint. There is no need for fuel-guzzling trucks to deliver your signage each time because it’s all electronic. Yes, electricity comes at a price, but many professional LCD displays boast a lower electrical output than ever before, even at 24/7 usage.

4. Digital signage is much more attractive.

Traditional signage is limited to a static image that looks exactly the same each time a person views it. Digital signage not only uses brightness to illuminate the atmosphere, it can show video, updated social media pages and many other images to better attract your targeted consumer. Plus, the same content can be displayed across all stores in a chain, boosting brand consistency.

5. Digital signage yields a significantly higher ROO.

Aside from ROI, digital signage delivers a higher return on objectives (ROO). On the consumer side, it can increase brand recognition and interactivity can enhance customer engagement and the overall shopping experience, thus increasing sales. Digital signage also benefits a company’s ROO on the internal side because corporate communications educate employees about the products.

Where can you find Digital Signage?

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