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The Future of Digital Signage: 3D That's Glasses-free

The next big thing in digital signage might be a glasses-free 3-D screen, which was demonstrated to CRNtv at CES by digital signage service provider Inception Visual.

Inception Visual’s solution, Ultra D, is a glasses-free 3-D format for screens.

“It’s all of the things you love about 3-D but you don’t need to wear the glasses,” said Inception Visual CTO Craig Mattson.

The technology, which is stunning in person, has the capability to elevate retail and information technology verticals.

“We think in digital signage that it’s going to be a big year for glasses-free 3-D because it really makes people say, ‘Wow, what is that?’ And if you’re a retailer it really allows you to get your message across,” Mattson said.

With that logic, Mattson hopes the use of Ultra D will lure window-shoppers into stores and create eye-catching experiences in public places where digital signage may serve as maps or advertisements.

Ultra D is also available for consumer home televisions, and converts any normal television program into a 3-D experience.

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Martin Evans

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