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A Cloud-Based App for Print Release

Print from the Cloud, Scan to the Cloud, Manage in the Cloud. Ditch your servers and print to any MFP no matter where you are or what device your using. No more racing to the copier or picking up the wrong print job.

Installed and ready-to-go on your MFPs


The old days of the big, slow, clunky copier hogging space in the break room are over. MFP (Multi-Function Printers) are now lean, smart, and can play nice with your network and IT infrastructure. StratoQ runs as an embedded application on the touch panel of your MFP, just like a an app would on your phone.

No more typing

long passwords


Nobody wants to stand at a copier and enter a long, complicated password. That’s why we offer full, secure Single Sign-On with any other device authentication method. Whether you’re swiping a proximity card, entering a secret PIN, or having your retinas scanned (OK…maybe not just yet…) StratoQ remembers your local identity so when you open our app on any device we immediately log you in. Believe us, your users will thank you. Used with Google Authenticator app.

Print from Drive right at the device


We’re all about saving you time and making your life in the cloud easier. When you open our app at the MFP you can immediately view all your files in Google Drive and print them out while you’re standing there. No more walking back to the computer to print something, and no asking someone else if you can log onto their PC to print. We sort the files by date so you can immediately print what you were last working on.

No mad dash to

pick up print jobs


Tired of seeing wasted prints sitting on the tray of the device? Ever had to sprint across the building to grab a sensitive print job from the device before someone else saw or grabbed it? With StratoQ you print to one global Google Cloud Print virtual queue and sort and release your jobs right at the touch panel of the MFP. You can even change settings of the print jobs at the device before releasing it.

Scan to anywhere you want on Google Drive


We’re just like you- all our drafts, docs, contracts and graphics live in Google Drive. StratoQ lets you immediately browse folders in your Drive from the touch panel of the MFP and scan directly to them. You can even choose to scan a paper document as a Google Doc so that you can edit it afterwards.

Send a scan right from Gmail

Ever try to scan a doc to someone but have it go straight to SPAM, or have it come from something weird email address. With StratoQ you can send an email directly through Gmail so it comes from you and shows up in your sent items.

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