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The Cost of Inkjet Printers

Do you Know the current cost difference between gasoline and printer ink? In most cases printer ink costs almost 3,000% more than gasoline. Right now, many businesses follow the same path for purchasing home and office printers. They go online or to a big box store and purchase a small desktop printer for each employee.

This seems to be the easiest and most cost-effective method at the time. That small color printer is only $69.99, right?

While your employees might be happy... Your accounting department will not be. Why? Well, the cost to operate an all in one inkjet printer is way more expensive than a laser jet multi function device. While the initial cost of the MFP is higher, the long term cost to own and operate an ink jet printer kills your budget.

Here’s the trap. The printer company is not making their profit off of the sale of the printer, so they make the purchase price very enticing to the customer. Majority of their revenue is dependent on customers purchasing more and more ink.

A report from the Gartner Group said that the mismanagement of copiers, printers, and fax machines can cost businesses between 1-3% of their annual revenue.

Right now 1-3% of your annual revenue means a lot.

To learn more about our cost saving solution to this problem and other cost saving solutions from The Office People, call or text us today at 843.769.7774 or visit us at to schedule a virtual appointment. 

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