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Why All Copiers Suck (Even the Best Ones)

Most of you are going to hate something about any Multi-Function Device (copier/printer) that you buy, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Instead of fighting it, try to reframe the issue in your mind: You’re not buying an MFD because you’re supposed to, you're buying one because it's still necessary for streamlining workflow.

Common pain points for anyone buying a MFD include:

  • Machine Costs

  • Sky-high toner costs

  • The feeling that toner constantly needs to be replaced and always seems to run out at the worst times

  • Wireless (or wired) networking that never seems to connect correctly

  • Drivers that go out of date, never to be refreshed, and seem to disappear whenever you update your computer’s operating system

  • A cryptic interface that makes it almost impossible to troubleshoot problems without the help of customer support

  • Unhelpful customer support, making it impossible to troubleshoot problems

  • Unreliable service response times

Rather than telling you how quickly The Office People can solve these problems, we'd like to give you an understanding of why copiers exist. Here are some general truths that you may have never considered (or willingly ignore when you feel like throwing a tantrum about your MFD). Assume that these apply to all MFDs from all manufacturers unless we say otherwise:

  • Your MFPs are worth a lot more than you’re paying for them. Seriously, there is some amazingly complicated technology in your copiers and printers, including the lasers, toners, rollers, belts, sensors, switches, drums, fusers, motors, power boards, and many other parts. You probably take your MFD for granted, but that box can cover a piece of paper with millions of dots of precisely located, color-matched toner in a few seconds.

  • You should not expect a good experience if you use refurbished, compatible, or non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and toners. Most manufacturers will void the machine's warranty when Non-OEM parts and toners are used. See above.

  • At some point you’ll need to manually download new drivers for your MFPs when you update your operating system. Yeah, this should happen automatically, but it usually doesn’t. Some companies are better than others at issuing new drivers in a timely manner.

Basically, MFDs are a dismal product category. But doesn’t it feel better to know why? With that in mind, we realize you still need to use them, and thus we still spend dozens of hours researching and testing in order to provide you with MFDs that rise above the bar.

To learn about our products and services as well as view a list of questions to ask a dealer, click here.

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