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Take Back Your Desk with Slim Desktop Displays

To start off 2019 in style, Sharp announced three new space-saving desktop monitors for the modern, compact workplace:

The 22″ Class (21.5″ diagonal) LL-B220, 24″ Class (23.8″ diagonal) LL-B240 and 27″ Class (27″ diagonal) LL-B270.

Imagine the amount of desk space you'll take back with Sharp's slim desktop monitors. These displays boast an incredibly small six-millimeter wide frame (that's equivalent to the width of a new cell phone). With a two-millimeter bezel width, these new desktop displays are much slimmer than typical office wide-format monitors and are designed to free up employee desk space to enhance productivity.

Display Features Include:

Adjustable Blue Light

The displays' blue light output can be manually set to one of four levels. This lets you find the most comfortable light level for your eyes and enjoy more productive sessions in front of the screen.

Beautiful Images at Full HD

The LL-B270/B240/B220 supports full HD resolution at 1,920 × 1,080 pixels. Small text and fine lines are rendered precisely, and the wide-format display gives you plenty of screen space to help you work productively.

Wide Viewing Angle

A wide viewing angle of 178 degrees means that viewers can see high-quality images with minimal alterations to color and brightness. Even when you’re looking from the side, there’s barely any change in colors.

Does your office need a new look for the new year? Change your perspective with the new Sharp Slim Desktop Displays. To speak to a representative about this new product, contact The Office People at 843-769-7774 or

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