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Fusing MPS - The Process

Fusing managed print services into your business operations should not be a question of if it’s necessary, but rather when you should do it. A properly planned and executed MPS program will provide your organization with more benefits than you can imagine, including lessening your printing costs by up to 30% and giving more time back to your business.

This means that you will be able to streamline your processes and have much of your staff take on more business-related projects to improve productivity.

Before composing and executing an MPS program, conducting a complete evaluation of your document and printer fleet is necessary.

Our MPS assessment tools are positioned to gather data from your print devices to help us understand the full scope of your print environment. The software speeds up information collection by capturing print data from networked printers behind the scenes. As such, the software is non-intrusive and perfect for monitoring and reporting printer usage data with little involvement by the IT department.

The Assessment Process

MPS assessment tools and software are excellent for capturing data on networked devices, but most likely not all your print devices are online. So, how is MPS assessment undertaken conclusively for both online and offline print devices?

It Begins With A Walk-Through

A walk-through is vital in helping us gain an understanding of your fleet environment which cannot be attained using software assessment tools. A walk-through will provide a detailed visual perspective of where their devices are and whether they are conveniently located to ensure all employees have reasonable access to the gadgets required to accomplish their tasks effectively. The mapping tool will allow us to map the devices on your floor plan to help create a visual of your current environment and of course a future environment as well.

A walk-through is a critical step that shouldn’t be avoided. A simple observation such as boxes of toner piled in closets can be an indication of problems with supplies purchasing and management. It also gives us an insight into the exact type of devices in use around your organization. With this information, we can then assess and determine whether the gadgets need to be incorporated into the MPS program.

Software Assessment Tools

After a physical walk-through, the next step is to use software assessment tools to collect digital data on all networked print devices. Our software will be installed into your system and run behind the scenes, capturing and reporting metrics to give you a better understanding of their entire print infrastructure. You will be able to realize your print volume, usage, and costs over time. Some of the information and insights you are likely to get include:

• User reports – This will outline the user to device ratio

• Volume and usage analysis – This will give you your print volume and subsequent usage

• Print comparative analysis – This will compare the costs of running different devices

• Environmental analysis – What impact does your printing have on the environment?

• Optimized environment – What would an optimized print environment for your business look like?

With a comprehensive and secure analysis of your print usage and costs, it becomes easy for you to realize your total cost of ownership.

A comprehensive MPS assessment process also entails:

1. Identification of over and underutilized printers throughout your organization

2. Identification of users with the most significant print activity and their consequent user needs as well as habits

3. Gaining a deep understanding of the physical print environment and assessing whether departments or users rely on any specific devices

4. An insight on how to optimize the infrastructure layout

5. Analysis of device usage, inefficient device location, nature of printing jobs variances, and overall workflow

6. Checking the current procurement practices and analyzing how they can be aligned with future acquisition processes

7. Assessing the evidence of costly expenditure and money waste resulting from excess material orders and preventable downtime

With an MPS program, it will be possible for you to make business decisions based on usage facts and data. You will be able to regulate the amount of printing in your company and streamline print infrastructure purchases hence control print costs. You will also enjoy efficient printing processes, material utilization, and have the capability to make a positive impact on the environment.

For an MPS analysis of your organization, contact The Office People today at 843.534.7544.

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