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Custom Print Policies and Lowering Your Business Expenses

More and more, businesses are trying to reduce unnecessary paper waste which affects the environment as well as their profitability.

Using Managed Print Services from The Office People™ is undeniably the most efficient way to reduce paper waste and lower print costs. Apart from MPS, an effective printer policy can curtail the exorbitant waste of money and resources businesses see on a daily basis.

Did you know that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year?

This amount of consumption obviously impacts the environment, and puts a serious dent into the operational budget of any size business. 45% of the paper printed in offices reportedly ends up in the trash at the end of the day. Much of this is from pages users didn’t even intend on printing.

Many companies may be aware of the amount of wasted paper, but don’t have a handle on how much it may be costing them or what they can do about it. With printer ink costing almost 2000% more than the cost of gas, all those unimportant print jobs really add up. A report from the Gartner Group said that the mismanagement of copiers, printers and faxes can cost businesses between 1-3% of their revenue annually. Imagine if your business was making a 1-3% increase in revenue, but then losing it to the lack of oversight on something as simple as paper usage.

After evaluating the areas for improvement, implement simple print policies to make a dramatic difference in cost savings and eliminating waste. From designating rules about who to notify when you have a large print job to do, to enforcing two-sided (duplex) printing, print policies can be as detailed and specific as your company wants.

Contact The Office People™ today to learn more about Managed Print Services and speak to a member of our team about a Customized Print Policy for your business.

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