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Creating A Safer Workplace with Digital Signage

Attention manufacturers, educators, healthcare providers, government employees, and transportation officials, communication is a key factor in keeping your workers safe.

Digital signage offers an easy way to make your safety messages visual and engage workers who do not have access to computers or smartphones. Whether they’re on the plant floor, in the warehouse, or on the road, dynamic content is sure to grab their attention and keep your messages top of mind. That’s why leading companies are turning to digital signage to improve workplace safety.

An Investment in Safety is an Investment in Your Business.

Every $1 a company invests in workplace safety amounts to a $4 return on investment.

Using Digital Signage to Promote Results in:

• Reduced Accidents • Reduced Lost Time • Reduced Workers' Comp • Increased Productivity • Increased Morale and Job Satisfaction • Increased Employee Retention • Reaching Multiple Shifts and Service Call Workers • Engaging All Employees Regardless of Title or Location • Providing Unified Messaging Across Multiple Utility Facilities • Building Community • Creating Healthy Competition • And More!

Engage and Adapt with Digital Signage

Digital signage is a powerful communication tool, and it’s very adaptable to your needs. Place screens strategically where workers congregate such as in breakrooms or near time clocks. Tailor your messaging to fit your audience. For example, remind warehouse workers of forklift safety, plant workers of proper use of PPE, and drivers of safe backing procedures. Digital signage is a great way to improve employee engagement with customized messaging.

How can we help your company’s employees work safer and smarter?

The Office People™ is your one source business solutions headquarters offering—Document Imaging Systems, Managed Print Services, Office Interiors, Digital Signage, Network Solutions, Creative Services, and more.

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