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Can Managed Print Services in the Healthcare Industry Improve Care?

Whether they are fixing our kids' boo-boo’s, or our own, doctors and others in the healthcare industry have a lot on their plate. With so many things to juggle, every second counts. Managed Print Services, or MPS, can help those in the healthcare industry be more efficient, save money, and ensure that patient care comes first.

Here are {5} ways that MPS and The Office People™ can provide solutions for Healthcare Providers.

How Managed Print Service Help

Managed Print Services (MPS) allows for efficiency, lower costs, and maximized patient care. With so many things going on, businesses in the healthcare industry often don’t realize how much unnecessary expense their printer fleets are accumulating. Whether it is the cost of old printers, excess use of toner, or excess time spent arranging for repairs, these things add up and add unnecessary expense to a company. Studies have shown that for every one dollar spent putting images on paper, it involves more than nine dollars to control. This cost can be reduced tremendously with Managed Print Services, and will ensure that printer fleets in the healthcare industry are providing the best printing at the lowest cost.

Less Headache with MPS

If you’re in the healthcare industry, you understand that often the responsibilities for printing is dispersed among multiple departments. One department is in charge of hardware purchases, the other consumable purchases, and the last department is in charge of maintenance & repair. This results in an inefficient use of devices and consumables and causes administrative headaches for all involved. By assessing the printing needs of the company, Managed Print Services can soothe these headaches and provide auto replacement of printer cartridges as well as routinely included maintenance.

Preventative Care: Good for Patients and Printers

Those in the healthcare industry understand that preventive care reduces costs and extend lives of patients. This same principle applies to the printer fleets in the health care industry. MPS can help ensure that you, and others in the healthcare industry, are getting administrative documents, test reports, patient notes, and payment records in the most affordable and efficient way possible, helping to extend the life of printer fleets.

HIPAA Compliance

Complying with regulatory requirements, specifically HIPAA, can be frustrating and hard to manage. With MPS, it is managed for you. Managed Print Services will ensure that those in the healthcare industry comply with all necessary regulations without having to sacrifice productivity. Managed Print Services can also help those in the healthcare industry meet their sustainability goals by providing more energy efficient options. This will allow those in the healthcare industry to provide top of the line care while still positively affecting the environment around them.

We Care for your Printer Fleet

Healthcare organizations spend 8.56% of annual revenues on print related expenses. If your organization is looking to reduce this number, Managed Print Services is the way to go. By managing everything from the purchasing of printers right down to consumable products, you can rest assured that everything is being handled in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Shift the care of your printer fleets to The Office People, so you and others in the healthcare industry can focus on the care of your patients, ensuring that you both can focus on the magic of life.

Let us help you save 30% of your printing expenses.

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