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{3} Ways You Are Wasting Time and Money at Work

Just because you're at work doesn't mean you're getting work done. You're drowning in email, stuck in dead-end meetings, and constantly interrupted. When do you have time to do any real work? Don't worry. You're not alone.

Here are the top {3} three culprits that distract employees from getting valuable work done:


304 Weekly business emails received on average.

36 Times the average employee checks their email in an hour.

16 Minutes spent refocusing after handling incoming email.


56 Interruptions a day for the average employee.

3 Minutes spent working before the average employee switches tasks.

2 Hours spent recovering from distractions per day.


50 Hours a month spent waiting on the printer to warm up.

$11 Thousand dollars spent waiting on the printer each year.

1.6 Work days per week spent waiting on your printer just to warm up.

50 hours is more than your average work week. You can do a lot in 50 hours. You don't need to spend it waiting for your printer to warm up. How else is your old printer wasting your time?

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*Based off an average $40,000 a year salary.

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