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Why IT Professionals Love the Sharp AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display

Open Architecture Yields Seamless Integration

• The AQUOS BOARD™ interactive display system seamlessly integrates with and leverages your existing infrastructure and software investments.

• It works great with your existing video conferencing and AV control systems so you can take collaboration to the next level.

• For education classroom environments, it integrates with leading learning management systems.

Meetings Are Conducted The Way You Want

• The equipment is familiar and intuitive.

• Business meetings are more productive because there is no need to learn an entirely new system.

• Allows users to take advantage of inking functionality in Microsoft® Office applications. For example, you can directly annotate and save within PowerPoint® without having to use or purchase a third party overlay or application.

Enhanced Collaboration Means A Smoother Workflow

• Workflow and productivity is smoother and more streamlined through enhanced collaboration.

• You have the freedom to save and share presentations and meeting notes any way you want using Sharp Touch Display Link, Sharp Cloud Portal Office, DropBox™, email and various other solutions.

• Up to 100 participants can view and participate in a presentation while in the same room or remotely through VPN using tablets, smartphones or computers.

To learn more about the Sharp Aquos Board, and other innovative technologies from Sharp, visit our website and

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