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4 Ways to Maximize Your Small Office Space

If you own a small business and your office is bursting at the seams, you know it's important to save space any way you can. Luckily, we live in an era where technology is making it easier to do more with less space. Here are some tips for saving valuable real estate in your office, all while increasing productivity.

Use Compact MFP's Without Compromising Functionality

Don't make the mistake of assuming you need a large copier to get the high-performance results you require. More and more manufacturers are finding new ways to put big features into smaller packages.

The Sharp MX-C402sc is a full color Multi-function Copier and is just 22 inches wide! Get full-featured copying, printing, scanning, and optional faxing from an MFP that fits in virtually any small nook you can find. You can enjoy improved document workflow with a color touchscreen display for easy navigation, a retractable keyboard for hassle-free data input, a front USB port for walk-up printing, and much more. It also includes Adobe PostScript printing, and copy/print speeds of up to 40 pages per minute.

There's another great document imaging option you should know about. HP has recently come out with a pretty amazing technology called PageWide Printing. They have a whole series of PageWide printers for businesses that can't be beat in terms of speed. Basically instead of a print bar that goes back and forth on the page, it's one stationary print bar that spans the width of the page. It prints as quickly as the paper can pass through. We're talking speeds as fast as 75 pages per minute. And it doesn't just print, you can copy and scan as well. Step up your workflow game with a touchscreen display, ePrint capability, and some other great time-saving features.

Invest in Electronic Document Management Software

This tip seems rather obvious, but if you're still keeping filing cabinets in your office, you should consider ditching the paper files for an electronic solution!

Apart from the fact that filing cabinets take up more than their fair share of space in your office, they're also incredibly inefficient. Did you know that, on average, employees spend 50% of their time at work searching for documents and information? That's HALF of the work day.

Imagine what your team could accomplish when all the documents are available at their fingertips in an instant. No more manual filing or retrieval, no more filing cabinets using up your precious office space, no more fruitless searches for lost files, and you can also breath easy knowing that your files are backed up in the event of a fire or other disaster. There's no down side to embracing a paperless filing system such as eFileCabinet or DocuWare.

Get a Cloud-hosted Phone System

Forget an on-premise PBX system. You don't have space for that, and besides, a cloud-hosted phone system is actually more cost-effective.

So what is it exactly? In a nut shell, it's a fully-managed phone service. You pay monthly for your phones, service, and hosting. You get a single bill, and a fully-equipped phone system with 24/7 support. One of the best parts is, new features are added to your system as they are released at no additional charge.

You don't have to commit to having outdated phone technology and you can customize almost every aspect of your account through a simple-to-use web portal. It's surprising that more businesses aren't taking advantage of this great technology considering there's a low initial investment, it's easy to manage, it delivers advanced features, and is scalable as your business grows.

Consider a Digital Display for Virtual Meetings & Collaboration

More and more businesses are choosing to allow employees to telecommute. With a growing number of technologies that allow seamless collaboration and face-to-face communication between employees in various locations - it's no surprise that businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity to save office space.

A great solution for the modern office is an interactive digital whiteboard. It's a great way to keep people engaged and connected, even when they are working remotely. From video conferencing to virtual collaboration, a digital whiteboard can be a great addition to your small team.

The Office People™ is your one stop business solutions headquarters. Whatever you need for your small office space, we are here to help! Contact us today.

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