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5 Ways to Monetize Digital Signage

Digital signage. It's fun, engaging, and the 'new' tech item to have for any business but there's more to digital signage than just it's looks. We've broken down 5 ways to monetize digital signage for any business and still leave your customers engaged.

1. Aim to Mesmerize, Not Monetize

Digital signage isn't just for quick deals like "50% off" or "For a Limited Time Only" or quick reminders to "bring an umbrella, it's raining outside!". Ideally, in the current marketing climate of increasing customer engagement and creating a brand identity and relationship with your customers, it's more important and tactiful to use your digital signage as video technology to create a remarkable impression. Turn your digital signage into touch screens, fun videos, and mulit-touch interfaces to keep customer engaged and create an inviting screen.

2. No More Bland Screens

Hallways prevent endless possibilities for excitement. Think about airports, stadiums, schools, and shopping malls. What do they all have in common? Exciting hallways! Maybe it's time for your business to transform your walls and put something worth looking at there. Digital signage can be more than just reminders, lunch specials, and sales. Think about installing a video wall that follows visitors movements and incorporates lighting and sound for a fun and interactive experience.

3. Use Scheduling Software to Make You Money

If you're anticipating hosting a large meeting or event at your office space, why not install a useful scheduling software to display cafeteria specials after a long meeting? Use the power of digital persuasion and tap into that revenue stream and maybe make meetings and conference rooms more fun in the meantime.

4. Screen Overload

Every day we look, interact, and work with different screens whether that be on our desktops or mobile devices. Break away from screen overload by ushering in the new level of the "connected desktop". Turn your digital signage into a visual communication network by delievering real time metrics and social media feeds in real time. This utilization of technology allows for sharing employee surveys, videos from events, and live announcements in emergency situations.

5. Skip the Line

We've all dreamed of robots being the future, but what about digital signage? Some fast food giants have toyed with digital signage as the new and better way of ordering their food and have seen interactive ordering as the next wave in the food industry. Jump on the bandwagon and impletement digital signage as the next way for your customers to order supplies, talk with a customer service representative, or as a kiosk to their biggest quesitons. Without having to wait in lines, digital signage advertising can utilize imagery, video, and promotional messaging to increase their ROI.

With the beginning of 2016, why not make this the year you start using digital signage? Call our offices today and see how we can help you make the future a reality and start bring

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