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Why Digital Signage is Perfect for Millennials

The Millennial generation, 18-34 year-olds, are digital natives who are attracting the attention of advertisers, brand and political candidates with their buying power and youthful approach. Here are six reasons digital signage is the perfect way for brands to connect with the Millennial generation:

1. Digital signage ties in with mobile.

Research has shown that messages that show up on billboards or other out-of-home advertising help prime mobile interactions more than television or magazines. Combined with mobile or wearable technology, digital signage can deepen relationships.

2. Digital signage emphasizes the experience.

The drive behind things like Snapchat is the sharing of moments — not creating a repository or permanent record, but sharing moments. The popularity of such apps may speak to a desire to be present, not necessarily to interact. This is a growing theme in digital signage.

3. Digital signage has scale.

Many of the Millennial generation are not going to the movie theater as frequently as their predecessors. It’s been said that many Millennials are forgoing larger televisions in their home in favor of tablets or more personal devices. For one reason, the move to denser, urban housing with smaller living areas is a common trend. Large, public digital signage has a wow effect that is impossible to replicate in other media.

4. Digital signage can be personalized.

Using a variety of techniques, the content and experience of a digital sign can be personalized to the viewer, day, current news, or groups, appealing to the needs of a generation that has had its experiences tailored from the start.

5. Digital signage can be used for good.

Signage networks not only can advertise lipstick and cell phones, but can also be used for emergency messaging (something that sadly, this generation is aware of the need for) and public good (something this generation values). See what a company called Ocean did in the U.K. to raise awareness of domestic violence victims as a great example of digital signage as a vehicle for good.

6. Digital signage is relevant because it’s close.

And finally, because where you go is a matter of personal expression, place-based signage (indoor, outdoor, etc.) ultimately will allow brands to seem more relevant, just by being in those spaces where potential customers physically congregate.

How do you use digital signage to communicate with Millennials?

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