October 14, 2019

Security threats constantly change and evolve. At The Office People™, we remain vigilant in fighting cybercrime by offering the most secure and state of the art products while sharing educational resources to protect your organization's personal information....

October 10, 2019

​Not all chairs are created equally. For a chair to be considered ergonomic it has to have more than a few ergonomic adjustments. Is your chair truly an ergonomic adjustable chair? The following list explains why chair adjustments are so important to workstation  ergon...

September 19, 2019

Christ Our King-Stella Maris School, a Roman Catholic parochial elementary and middle school in Mount Pleasant, SC has installed bathroom sensors to trigger alerts about vaping and bullying.

Schools across the nation have been removing bathroom doors, posting bathroom m...

August 20, 2019

Whether you are scanning or copying, documents play a critical role in business. That doesn’t make them worthy of your time. Leave the paper-chasing to your copier by setting up easy buttons for your automated features.

1. Card Shot

The Card Shot feature is an incredibly...

August 2, 2019

Local, state, and federal agencies have been aware of "Toner Pirates" for decades. The deceiving criminals target small to mid-sized business, charities, churches and other local organizations. 

Their ploy wages on the hope that your employees are unaware and...

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